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Soundtrack of my life

I'm in one of those weird moods...I don't know how to describe it, I really don't.

But when I turned thirteen this past June, I started keeping a journal of sorts. In it, at the end of each month, I chose a song that summed up that month for me.

So, I feel like sharing what I call the "Soundtrack of My Life" with you.

June 2007:

Song: Thnks Fr the Mmrs: Fall Out Boy

Why?: 7th grade ended, my class trip, Three Days Grace concert with my many memories. Plus a friend and I sang this song together on the bus on the class trip.

Favorite Line(s): 

"Say a prayer and let the good times roll."

"One night and one more time, thanks for the memories."

"Looking forward to the future."

I look forward to the next school year.

July 2007

Song: Into the Ocean: Blue October

Why?: This month I've been thinking alot, brooding really. I've been thinking about the future, what I want to do with my life. This song can be interpreted many ways, but right now, for me, it describes thinking outside the box. The ocean is endless.

Favorite Line(s):

"I want to swim away but don't know how, sometimes it feels like I'm falling in the ocean."

"Let the rain of what I feel right now come down."

"Not knowing how to think, I scream aloud, begin to sink."

August 2007

Song: Days Go By: Keith Urban

Why?: School started. It seems like we just left and now we're back. I also realized I need to spend more time with my friends. Time flies, we are not going to be young forever. We can be here today and gone tomorrow. Make the msot of it.

Favorite Line(s): 

"Somewhere in the race we run, we're coming undone."

"Days go by. I can feel 'em flying like a hand out the window in the wind."

"It's all we've been given, so you better start living right now."

September 2007:

Song: C'est La Vie: Shania Twain

Why? This is a really fun song. It pretty much syas "Life sucks sometimes, but get over it. Better times are just around the corner." I think I'm going to take this advice to heart. I hate Mondays too....

Favorite Line(s):

"It must be Monday. What a dumb day."

"Life isn't all that bad."

"Don't let it get to you, c'est la vie. That's life and that's how it's gonna be."

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