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But then you assure me: I'm a little more than useless.

Snagged from bellasblues

1. Name:

2. Birthday:

3. Place of residence:

4. What makes you happy:

5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:

6. Do you read my lj:

7. If you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:

8. An interesting fact about you:

9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:

10. Favorite place to be:

11. Favorite lyric:

12. Best time of the year:

13. Weirdest food you like:

14. Do farts make you laugh:

1. A film:

2. A book:

3. A band, a song and an album:

1. One thing you like about me:

2. Two things you like about yourself:

3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you.
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