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"Rage and Temptation"

Another chapter of "Rage and Temptation".

Title: The Prom
Author: Me (Stephanie)
Rating: PG
Summary: The prom
Spoilers: Not really.
Word Count: 1,678
Author's Notes: Comment and enjoy! Thanks to my beta, </a></font></b></a>vampire_envy9

I was waiting for Alice to arrive with Bella. Alice had insisted I help her with her evil plot, even though I really thought torturing Bella like this was cruel. The girl was recovering from the whole Arizona incident. Her leg was still in a cast. I vaguely wondered how Alice would get around that obstacle. 

     I smiled. Knowing Alice as well as I did, she would find some way to make the cast fashionable. I got a sudden mental image of Bella in a painted blue cast with flowers drawn all over it and laughed.

     "What's so funny?" Alice asked as she entered my room. Bella was behind her, looking suspiciously at Alice.
 "What's going on Alice?" Bella demanded. I raised an eyebrow.

     "So that's how we're playing Alice?" I asked when I realized that we weren't telling Bella anything.

     Alice nodded. "Now Bella, first things first. We need to wet your hair." Alice grabbed Bella's arm and gently but firmly dragged her to the enormous bathroom. Alice's unspoken command set me to work. 

     I gathered all my make-up and hair accessories, as well as some of Alice's. After grabbing a few choice lip-glosses from Esme, I went to the bathroom. Alice was combing and drying Bella's hair.

     "Alice," Bella whined. "What are you doing?" 

     "Putting your hair up." Alice cranked the hair dryer to maximum heat. "Dammit," she muttered as she realized even we vampires couldn't speed up the hair drying process.

     Bella realized this too and smirked, apparently hoping this would make Alice give up. I however crushed those hopes. 

     I ran to my room and grabbed another hair dryer. Running to the bathroom, I plugged it in as well and helped dry Bella's thick hair.

     "You used the freesia shampoo?" I asked casually.

     Alice nodded, clipping a lock of dried hair up and attacking another clump with vigor. Bella winced, as I pulled too hard on the brush. 

     "Sorry," I said quickly. 

     "It's ok," she said.

     Alice and I were finished with drying her hair. Then I pulled out my collection of make-up. Bella's eyes widened with horror. "Wasn't my hair enough?" 

     "Nope," Alice said simply. She selected some blush and held it up. "This matches her color don't you think?" she asked me.

     I glanced at it. "Yeah, and this mascara will work." I held up the said mascara. 

    Alice's eyes roved over the label and she nodded in approval. "Good thinking."

     Alice set to work applying the blush while I grabbed some nail polish. Alice and I lived by a very important rule most human girls didn't. The secret or rule was this: The key to wearing make-up is to make it look like you are not wearing any. 

     She finished with the blush and grabbed the mascara. I shook up the nail polish and bent down to paint Bella's toes.

     "Please, Alice," she begged.

     "Bella, I don't remember being human. Let me have my fun. And besides," she applied mascara to Bella's left eye. "This is for Edward." 

     I nodded and closed the nail polish bottle. "Alice, paint her fingernails when you're done. I'm going to grab some bobby pins from Esme's room."

     I came back to see Alice had already painted the nails like a pro and was adding lip-gloss. She smiled. "Now the fun part," she said. 

     We worked together to make Bella's hair look great. We used about seven bobby pins, and Alice had a pair of earrings she insisted Bella wear.

     Then we each grabbed one side of her and led her to Alice's room. She saw the dress and gulped. Then she saw the corset. 

     "Oh no. Please don't tell me that corset is for me."

     "It's not," I said cheerfully.

     She sighed in relief and relaxed a bit...until Alice and I had her shirt off and was sliding the corset over her head.
     "You said it wasn't for me!"

     Alice shrugged. "You didn't want us to say it was for you."

     Bella paled. "Too tight!" she gasped.

     Alice eventually got the corset to fit right, and we slid on her dress. Then we slipped her shoes –well, one shoe- on. 

     "I'm going to kill myself in this," Bella said eyeing the one stiletto. 

     I chuckled. "Edward won't let that happen."

     "Speaking of Edward," Alice said. "He's home."
     Edward looked at Bella's transformation with wide, loving, eyes. 

     "Thank you," he said to us.

     Bella stood in front of him, her head bent. My brother wore a nice tuxedo.

     He took out freesia flowers and clipped them in Bella's hair. "You are simply stunning," he said softly. "No words can describe your beauty." 

     Satisfied, Alice and I headed upstairs to do our own make-up.
     I glanced at the soldier's portrait as I slid my dress on, Linkin Park blaring in the background.

     My dress was yellow and light reddish-orange. Elegant flower designs covered it. It had spaghetti straps and dropped to my ankles, showing my red shoes. I tied my hair up into a stylish knot at the base of my neck. Glittering pins held it in place. I slid a delicate gold ring on my finger as well as a beautiful necklace that belonged to my birth mother. My earrings were a birthday gift from Alice.  I alos slid the ring from Matthew on my finger. I always wore it.

     I applied a small amount of make-up. When I was satisfied, I hurried downstairs where Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper waited.  My parents were there too. We took some pictures then hurried into Rosalie's BMW.
     The prom committee outdid themselves this year. "This will be fun," I said.

     Alice and Jasper stepped out arm-in-arm. Emmett did the same with Rosalie. I stepped out, attracting stares from every human male. My lips twitched into a slight smile. 

     Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie began to dance. I stood on the sidelines, watching. My heart ached. I didn't have anyone.

     Edward arrived then with Bella. She seemed nervous. Edward confidently led her to the dance floor. 

     I sat down and tapped my foot to the beat, losing myself in my thoughts. I hardly paid attention when Jacob Black interrupted Bella and Edward's dance.

     In fact, I didn't pay attention until he came.

     The gym doors opened and Alice looked at me, a soft "oh" leaving her lips. Our eyes locked, and before I could turn around, a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist, leading me to the dance floor. I felt the eyes of every person in the room on me. 

     I stared at the boy holding me. He had shoulder-length brown hair and soft golden eyes. His skin was cold, pale, and hard, and his scent was mouth-watering. He was the boy from the woods.

     He held me tenderly, and the touch was familiar, welcomed. 

     The song ended and he continued to gaze into my curious and awed eyes. His eyes were calm, peaceful, and tender. He stroked my cheek with his hand and I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I looked at him lovingly. He pressed his lips softly against mine.

     "I missed you Addison," he said quietly, pulling away to stroke my cheek.

     "I missed you too." I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his chest. "I missed you too, Matthew."
     "Everyone, this is Matthew."

     Prom was over. We were at home now. 

    Alice's eyes widened. "He's the soldier, isn't he?"

     I nodded. "Yes." I leaned my head on his shoulder.

     "Tell us what happened after Addy left you," Carlisle spoke to Matthew calmly.

     "I was sent to an island to fight. I suffered serious injuries and was sent home to New Hampshire. I thought of Addison the whole time. When I was better and back in the states, I remembered what she had said about living in Chicago. I went there. This was 1946. I went to a bar and a girl convinced me to follow her. It turned out she was a vampire and she changed me," Matthew explained. "When I realized I was exactly like Addison was –being pale and all- I knew there was a chance she was still alive. I traveled, trying to find her, but I never did. 

 "During my travels, I couldn't bring myself to feed off of humans, like most vampires so I fed off animals. I still searched for Addy. I eventually lost all hope of finding her after I learned vampires could be killed. I couldn't let her go though. I thought of her everyday. 

 Then, just a few months ago, I entered Alaska. I was staying with a woman named Tanya and her family. A few weeks ago, while I was out hunting, a girl saw me feeding. And I thought she looked like Addison. She told me to find her in Forks, Washington. I came here yesterday and learned of the prom. That's why I came tonight. I had to be sure it had been Addy. You see I never stopped loving her. I would do anything for her. And now that I found her, I don't intend upon leaving her." 

 We sat in silence for a while. Then Carlisle spoke. 

     "Welcome to the family," Carlisle said, extending a hand.

     Matthew smiled and took it. "Thank you sir."
     The family followed suit in welcoming Matthew to the family. That's how Matt joined my family. And that's where my story really began. Matthew's presence ended my rage...but added to my temptation.

A/N: Ok, that's the end of Twilight from Addy's POV. Next, I'll be doing the summer between Twilight and New moon, which I'll have loads of fun with since the book never mentioned what happened during that summer. Then it will be onto New Moon with Addy, and maybe, (because I'm only posting one chapter a week) Eclipse, depending on if anyone still cares to read this and all. Anyway, I have pictures!

Addy's dress:

Addy's hair:

As promised, I have a playlist:


Blue for Matt
Pink for Addy
Green for both

False Pretense-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
(Addy's friend stole her boyfriend so this is Addy thinking about that.)

Pretty Girl-Sugarcult
Addy as Carlisle explains vampires.)

It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish-My Chemical Romance
(Addy thinking of Ryan after she is changed. Ryan cheated on her.)

Thank You for the Venom-My Chemical Romance
(Addy during the stage where she killed humans.)

The Missing Frame-AFI
(Addy realizes she shouldn't kill humans.)

(Addy during the stage where she killed humans.)

Sound of Pulling Heaven Down-Blue October
(Addy before she serves in WWII)

So Cold-Crossfade
(Addy thinking of how she is a monster after meeting Matthew.)

What I've Done-Linkin Park
(Addy leaving Matt)

Not An Angel-City Sleeps
(Addy convincing Matt she is no good.)

My December-Linkin Park
(Addy refelcting on why she left Matthew.)

The Ghost of You-My Chemical Romance
(Matthew during the island battle thinking of Addy.)

All The Same-Sick Puppies
(Matthew searching for Addy while he is still human.)

Thunder-Boys Like Girls
(Matt thinking of Addy)

Better Than Me-Hinder
(This song alternates between both of them and is after they break up.)
Summer Shudder-AFI
(Addy going home, reflecting on the war.)

The Older I Get-Skillet
(After WW2 Addy's pain of leaving Matt)

This Is for Keeps-The Spill Canvas
(Matthew as a vampire searching for Addy.)

(Addy's lonlieness)

All These Things I Hate-Bullet For My Valentine
(Addy's hatred for herself.)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You-My Chemical Romance
(The Cullens racing to save Bella.)

Breakdown-Breaking Benjamin
(The fight against James)

Song In My Head-Sherwood
(Matt reveals himself as a vampire to Addy.)

Open Your Eyes-Snow Patrol
(Matt dancing with Addy)

Far Away-Nickelback
(This is pretty self-explanitory)

Breathe You In-Thousand Foot Krutch
(Addy and Matt's reunion.)

Vindicated-Dashboard Confessional
(I think this suits Addy. How she changes after Edward is with Bella and all.)

Hope you liked!

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